Nickel is one of the most widely used metals on the planet. Nickel and its compounds are indispensable for manufacturing steel. It also plays an important role in the global transition to clean energy as one of the key metals used in batteries for electric vehicles.

Nickel is refined by electrolysis to a purity of approx. 99.8 wt% up to 100 wt%. We supply both full-plate and cut nickel cathodes. 


Nickel Cathodes

Nickel full-plate cathodes

Nickel cut cathodes "4x4" 

Nickel cut cathodes "2x2" 


              Size [mm]                     Nickel content [%]       
Nickel full plate cathodes 1000 x 1000 99-100
Nickel cut cathodes 4x4 100 x 100 99.8-100
Nickel cut cathodes 2x2 50 x 50 99.8-100


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